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What Do You Need to Know About IQOS HEETS

HEETS, also called HeatStick, is a well-designed heated tobacco unit that is required for exclusive use with the IQOS holder. They consist of elements that include a tobacco plug, acetate tube, polymer-film filter, cellulose-acetate mouthpiece filter, and outer and mouth-end papers. So, you need to insert a HEETS into the IQOS holder, where it is heated up to 350?C. In some time, you can draw on it to feel the real taste of heated tobacco. What's good about IQOS HEETS is the variety of tastes you can choose from.

Variety of Flavors

With a variety of options, you can choose classic tobacco mixes, menthol, and many more flavors to enjoy. Here are some of the flavors offered by IQOS HEETS:

  • BLUE

HEETS Stick Tastes for IQOS

While Phillip Morris, the IQOS developer, abandoned the use of the Parliament brand in the product line for IQOS, the role of the official representative was taken by HEETS sticks. As you remember, the Parliament had only two tastes. Marlboro has now six flavors. Luckily, HEETS has taken the leading position in this regard. Some of the most popular options they offer are mentioned below:

  • Sticks HEETS Amber Label

    Hits Amber is the strongest stick with the most intense tobacco flavor. In fact, its taste is even stronger than the standard Blue Parliament. Considering its strength and taste, it can be recommended to those who are trying to start smoking IQOS after regular cigarettes.

  • Sticks HEETS Turquoise Label

    Menthol turquoise has become really popular. Menthol turned into a popular option among IQOS fans due to its bitter and strong taste. For instance, Mint Marlborough is a great hit because the taste of tobacco is almost not felt.

  • Sticks HEETS Purple Label

    A Purple pack of heats is filled out with berry aroma. It smells strongly, mint and currants. The taste is well-balanced, being not too minty and not too strong on tobacco.

  • Sticks HEETS Bronze Label

    Bronze brand features a bright taste of chocolate, cocoa, and dried fruits. It is a must-have for chocolate-rich tobacco enthusiasts. For many of you, this taste will remind pipe tobacco from WO Larssen. Thus you can feel that the sticks are made qualitatively and honestly.

While these are only some of the options you have with HEETS, there are many more tastes in their collection. Don't hesitate to check their official homepage.

Final Word

You will have a unique smoking experience whatever flavor or taste of HEETS you choose. This is why IQOS is definitely worth trying at least once.