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Winning Tennis Betting Tips You Should Learn

Tennis betting is very popular in the betting world, second only to football. The sport is individual, therefore, the features of analysis and analysis of team sports and bets on them do not always work here. It would seem that it can be simpler: bet where the tennis odds are higher. But for tennis this is not always suitable, because bookmakers in the rules have differences in calculating tennis bets.

Things You Need to Pay Attention To

First of all, you should pay attention to calculating bets in case one of the tennis players refuses to continue the game during the matches. In most bookmakers, net wins without odds are calculated in the case of at least one set played completely, i.e. if your tennis player, on whom you put your victory after playing regardless of which outcome of the first set was shot, then you will lose at your bet. If the opponent withdraws, then you will calculate the plus bet. There are bookmakers who, in any case, make a refund at the rate upon withdrawal. It's hard to judge where it's best to bet, because there are different cases.

In the case of bets on handicaps and totals, when removing one of the tennis players, there are also different rules for bookmakers. One of the most common formulations in this case sounds something like this: Those outcomes, which according to the format of the match are uniquely determined by the time it is stopped, are accepted for bets. This means that if at the time the match was stopped it is clearly known that the total, for example, of a match, can no longer be less than 19.5 (and you bet TM19.5), then the bet will be calculated to minus. And if, for example, the match is stopped in 1 set, and you have TM 19.5, then you will have a refund at the rate, because theoretically, your match may still end with TM19.5. The same is true for handicap bets.

In some BCs, the calculation for bets on handicaps and totals in the event of a match stop in any case goes back. What about calculating bets on pairs? Here, as we know, in ATP and BTA tournaments, as well as in Challengers and ITFs, in the case of exchanging sets, the decisive set goes as super-tie up to 10 points or more to a difference of 2 points. In most bookmakers, super-tie is calculated as 1 game played. In some bk, every point on the super-tai goes like a game. Accordingly, you need to take this into account when betting on pairs on total and on handicaps on games. In terms of betting on TM totals, it's more profitable to play in bk, where super-tie is for 1 game, but when betting on TB, it is clearly better to play where the calculation of super-tie goes like every point for a game.

According to observations from personal experience, this is especially true for matches of experienced veteran hotbeds, who often win one set in order to save energy, and openly give the second, because on super-tai experience allows them to clearly play a small number of rallies and win the match.

Do not forget that watching a previous match, sometimes, is, as it sounds not surprising, an obstacle when betting on the next game. Indeed, if in the match that you watched, the tennis player shone against a certain opponent, then this does not always mean that he will hold the same match against the next opponent. He just will have a different style of play and your tennis player will need to adapt to a new opponent in a new way.